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Cimbling Pikler develops motor skills, grasping reflex. It also strengthens the muscle corset, develops a sense of balance in your child, as a result of which your child begins to perceive the world around him correctly. At a subconscious level, the child gains an understanding of how to move correctly in order not to fall. Grasping reflexes are triggered through the message of the brain.Every person has a developed instinct for self-preservation, even babies who have just been born, and therefore this Montessori complex can be called genuinely magical. The ergonomics of the climbing complex is made to the maximum so that your child can adapt to such a miracle-developing toy in the shortest time.This complex stimulates the child to move without artificial stimulation, as he wants to do it himself.

Foldable Rainbow Pikler Triangle with Ramp

SKU: A03
PriceFrom $340.00